~ Upcountry Aloha ~
Specialty Flowers & Small Farm Goods

Island Protea Maui is a small farm owned by a native Hawaiian family
on the misty slopes of Haleakala Volcano, Maui.
Specialty Protea flowers are seasonal with many varieties,
including Kings, Protea, Minks, Pincushions, Banksia and Foliage types.

Our Farmstead is also home to chickens and ducks for fresh eggs,
several bee colonies for pollination & “sugarbush honey”,
and Angora rabbits with their soft fiber for spinning!

We also sell family-secret seasoned Pa’akai (salt),
and delicious Lime and Meyer Lemon preserves,
such as old-fashioned Marmalades and Lemon Chutneys.

floral subscriptions

Weekly Floral Subscriptions
for your office, business or home


Special order arrangements, filled with fresh cut Protea flowers and greenery

floristS & event planners

Fresh flowers for wholesale buyers;
buy local Maui-grown Protea

Island Protea ~ Po Box 67, Kula, Hawaii 96790
808. 868. 0947