About Protea

Protea (Proteaceae) have been around for 80 million years, starting on the ancient supercontinent of Gondwana, and traveling with the separate land masses to South Africa, Australia, South America and some Islands in the Pacific Ocean.

These plants were named after the mythical Greek sea-god Proteus who was capable of assuming many forms, because there are so many types and variations of these flowering plants! 

In Hawaii, Protea flowers are commercially grown on Maui and Hawaii Island.
Island Protea is located at 3,500 ft elevation on the slopes of Haleakala, a dormant volcano,
where the warm days and cooler evening mists are perfect for our Protea varieties.

Protea are prized as cut flowers because they are dramatic, long‑lasting, make gorgeous arrangements, wedding bouquets and wreaths, and they can also dry beautifully.

Care of Protea Cut Flowers

Keep Protea flowers cool, out of direct sun;
cut stem at an angle for more surface area to drink in water,
and trim off any leaves below the waterline.
Freshen water in flower vase every few days.
Protea make wonderful dry arrangements too!